Kilworth Negri R255B210N Bio Shredder


  • Suitable for wood and brash
  • Rotor with 20 reversible hammers and 2 steel blades.
  • 100 mm max wood diameter
  • Centralised lubrication system for bearings
  • 2 transport wheels on engine-driven version
  • Discharge 2125 mm above ground
  • Adjustable discharge pipe.
  • Output 10 m²/hour
  • Hydraulic feed roller
  • Engine: GX630 Honda petrol engine. No stress system, road tow chassis.
  • Weight: 480 kg.


Negri bio shredders have been designed with the demands of commercial use in mind. As shredding is by means of a drum rotor fitted with knives and hammer flails, this type of machine is less susceptible to damage than a conventional chipper. It is, therefore, ideally suited to landscape gardeners and grounds maintenance contractors who have a requirement to reduce brash and prunings left over from tree and hedgerow maintenance.

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Weight480 kg


EngineGX630 Honda petrol engine. No stress system, road tow chassis
Weight480 kg