Kilworth Green Climber LV500 Remote Control Mower


The Green Climber range of remote controlled power units are manufactured by MDB in Italy to a very high standard and are designed for hard use in commercial applications. New models are constantly under development. Currently there are 4 models within the range from 23HP up to 56HP. The key benefit of remote controlled power units is safety of the operator. The Green Climber will traverse terrain that would be inaccessible to conventional driven machinery and should the worse happen, the operator remains safe

Innovation for all conditions
The Green Climber is an innovative tool-carrying tractor for working in extreme conditions: areas with steep slopes and / or dangerous for the operator.

Green Climber LV500 is a machine designed to perform maintenance work on grassy land, road and motorway edges that are particularly uncomfortable or dangerous to reach. Its low weight and total versatility make Green Climber an extremely useful vehicle.

Expandable crawler undercarriage
Thanks to the expandable tracked undercarriage, it can operate without man on board on steep slopes up to over 60 ° uphill, downhill and transversely

The radio-controlled control system of the Green Climber LV500 makes the work to be carried out simple and fun, but above all safe; moreover it allows the machine to move with precision and speed, thanks also to the steering correction mechanism which in case of a strong lateral slope controls the natural inclination of the machine towards the descent.

Quick coupling system
The quick coupling system of the Green Climber LV500 has been designed to guarantee the interchangeability of the accessories without using keys; the cutting head is also capable of moving 400 mm per side

Automatic Reversible Fan
Green Climber LV500 is equipped with an automatic cleaning system with reversible fan which always keeps the radiator clean and efficient even when working on dusty soils .

Attention To Detail
The Green Climber is designed and built in every construction detail.

Weight1210 kg


Net Weight1210 kg
Max Working Gradient Degrees60
Speed9 km / h
Engine power36/49 KW / CV
Torque143/1800 Nm / rev
Tank Capacity38 lt
Engine CoolingLiquid
Hydraulic Oil Capacity47 lt