EGO RTX2300 Professional-X Rotocut

The EGO Professional-X Rotocut attachment cuts through grass, weeds and moss on concrete, pathways and verges with ease. Featuring two counter-rotating blades instead of line, it maximises run-time and most importantly, prevents debris from being thrown, making it ideal for use in built up areas where risk of damage or injury is particularly acute. With a low profile on the gear box, it can take on the most difficult to reach areas. The base plate is mounted on bearings, increasing the overall life of the tool and reducing pavement damage. The blades have been designed to ensure clean and efficient cutting performance whilst maintaining durability. Rotocut can be used with any rear motored tools or EGO line trimmer multi tools, making it the ultimate attachment for added precision and power.

£189.00 £209.00

Weight2 kg
Cutting Width23 cm
Run Time 2.5Ah25 minutes
Run Time 5.0Ah52 minutes
Run Time 7.5Ah80 minutes
Blade MaterialHigh strength alloy steel
Rotating DirectionTwo blades counter rotation
Noise Rating79.3 LpA
Noise Rating93 LwA
Weight Without Battery1.9 kg