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Cobra GTRM43 Electric Lawn Mower


The Cobra GTRM43 electric mulching lawnmower is lightweight and features a 1800w motor. The easy to use central height adjuster and integrated rear roller give your lawn the perfect striped finish

£164.99 £187.99

Start mulching with the Cobra GTRM43
The greener way to cut your lawn
The GTRM43 lawnmower from Cobra comes equipped with a mulch plug to enable you to mulch your grass clippings back into the lawn.

Mulching lawnmowers recycle the grass by finely cutting and re-cutting the clippings. As the clippings decompose, nutrients and fertilisers are returned to the soil meaning you can cut the grass and fertilise at the same time.

The Cobra GTRM43 with rear roller
Create a traditional striped lawn
The GTRM range of electric mowers from Cobra all come equipped with a rear roller to help create a traditional striped finish on your lawn.

The Cobra GTRM43 also gives you the ability to mow right up to the edges of flowerbeds and borders. The rear roller supports the lawnmower when the front wheels are in line with the border edge.

GTRM43 with comfort ‘Soft Grip’ controls
Take the effort out of mowing your lawn
Every Cobra electric lawnmower comes equipped with comfort controls to take the stress out of mowing your lawn.

The upper handles come with a “Soft Grip” feature for your increased comfort whilst mowing. The upper and lower handles have quick release levers and the ability to be set at any angle.

Weight19 kg


Motor Rated Power1800W
Cutting Width43cm / 17″
Cutting Height20 – 75mm 7 Stage Adjustment
Drive TypeHand Propelled
Grass Bag Capacity50ltr
Mulching / Cable Length10m
Domestic Warranty2 Years