STIHL Smart Connector 2 A


The new Smart Connector 2 A connects directly into the control module of selected professional AP System battery machines. Compatible models currently include all 135 models (HLA, FSA, KMA, HTA), RGA 140, new 2022 versions of HSA 94 R / HSA 94 T and MSA 300. As well as runtime, Smart Connector 2 A also collects information on the operating speed, the status of individual electronic components and ambient temperature. Also features a real time clock, meaning the data is collected accurately regardless of how often the connector syncs with a smartphone1, so you can see when and for how long the tool was used. Pressing the button on the Smart Connector 2 A gives a quick indication of the status of the machine via an LED light, and highlights if a maintenance task is due. The LED can also be used in conjunction with the STIHL connected App to identify individual machines (by lighting up a LED on the connector) in large fleets.


Smart Connector 2 A is compatible with:
HLA 135
HTA 135
KMA 135 R
FSA 135 R
FSA 135
RGA 140
HSA 94 R2
HSA 94 T2
MSA 300

Weight1 kg