STIHL RMI 522 C iMow Robotic Mower


The STIHL RMI 522 C iMow robotic mower is a lithium-ion powered robotic mower packed with features. With the majority of the controls accessible via the iMOW phone app. You’ll be able to set mowing times, start and stop current mowing, read status messages and much more all from the comfort of your home.

Fitted with automatic mulching mode for a greener, healthier lawn.


STIHL RMI 522 C, A compact, battery-powered robotic mower with an amazing mobile companion app

The RMI 522 C iMow is a compact robotic mower packed with plenty of features. Equipped with the iMOW app, you can configure a host of settings using the app on your smartphone.  You can change things such as the mowing plan, read status messages, pause and stop the current mowing cycle, start new mowing operations, select time of mow, mow during certain weather conditions using the rain sensor.

Not only does the robotic mower mow automatically with minimal set-up it also supplies the soil with nutrients at the same time. The iMOW robotic mower cuts and shreds grass in one step, returning the clippings to the soil, this is known as mulching, the mulch then acts as fertiliser promoting a green and healthy lawn.

If your properties are built on steep or uneven ground the RMI 522 C iMow adapts the speed on a gradient up to 40% ensuring the perfect mow. If there are obstacles in the way the iMOW will detect them using the sense and automatically navigate around them.

The RMI 522 C iMOW is powered by a long-life lithium-ion battery which makes it perfect for medium-sized lawns up to 2100 m²

Weight12 kg


Working speed rpm4.450
Cutting height mm20-60
Average mowing duration per week h35
Uncertainty factor Sound pressure level KpA dB(A)2
Nominal output W60
Measured sound power level LWA dB(A)60
Max. gradient %40
Cutting width cm20
Weight kg10
Battery typeLithium-Ion