STIHL HLE 71 Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer


Loop handle
The loop handle provides freedom for movement and ease of operation, even under cramped conditions.
Soft grip handle
The soft grip handle makes working with the machine more comfortable as well as absorbing vibrations from the engine unit.
Short and long shaft lengths
The long shaft hedge trimmer is mainly used on tall and broad hedges. The shorter K versions with extended grip tube are handy tools for working on low hedges.
Cable strain relief
The cable strain relief prevents the power cable from becoming accidentally disconnected.
Rotating harness eyelet
The eyelet for attaching to the shoulder strap can be rotated, so that the appliance can be swung easily.
Shoulder strap
The STIHL shoulder strap makes working for long periods of time less tiring. It allows much more movement whilst holding the device securely.
125° quick and easy adjustment
The cutter bar can be adjusted gradually up to 135° in two directions and folded up parallel to the shaft and locked for transportation.

RTS Super Harness for long reach hedge trimmers
The RTS Super Harness transfers the weight of a long reach hedge trimmer to the user’s hips resulting in a dramatic reduction in back stress while allowing full freedom of movement. The RTS Harness can be easily adjusted to suit the user’s size. Can be used with the HT 101, HT 103, HT 131, HT 133, HTA 65, HTA 85, HTE 60, KombiEngines with HT-KM or HL-KM 145° (not KMA 130 R), HL 94 C-E (not HL 94 KC-E), HLA 65, HLA 85 and HLE 71 (not HLE 71 K)
Tip protector – long-reach hedge trimmers
Protects the tip of the hedge trimmer from wear while working close to the ground. For Kombi machines and long reach hedge trimmers

£465.00 £490.00

Long Shaft version. High performance 600 Watt electric long-reach hedge trimmer with 0-125° cutting tool. This provides a large working range and is suitable for vertical cutting at a distance from the hedge. Ground-covering plants and shrubbery can also be cut horizontally. 2.54 m overall length. 50 cm cutting length

Weight7 kg


Power output W600
Weight kg6.5
Sound pressure level dB(A)84
Sound power level dB(A)95
Vibration value, left m/s²7.6
Vibration value, right m/s²3.6
Cutting length cm50
Total length cm254
Tooth spacing mm35
Cable length10
Stroke rate rpm4.000