STIGA Gyro 500e Battery Powered Axial Mower


The STIGA Gyro 500e is a versatile mower with a new joystick control method. fitted with a large 40 Ah battery which can cover up to 5000 m² on a single charge. Has a 98cm cutting width with side discharge and mulching fitted as default. The cutting height can be adjusted from 25-105 mm through 8 cutting heights. Includes an ergonomic seat with low back support, no foot controls ensure proper posture and ergonomics over a long period.

£6,299.00 £7,131.00

The Gryo 500E Battery Powered Axial mower is where simplicity meets scalability, the 500E puts infinite control in the operator’s hands with the new joystick control method.

The 500e is powered by STIGA’s Epower lithium-ion battery which has a capacity of 40 Ah producing 4.7kw of power at 56v. The built-in battery is suitable for clearing 5000 m² on a single charge. The battery is quickly recharged using the included quick charger, so you’ll be up and moving again in no time.

The STIGA Gyro 500e has a wide 98cm cutting width and can either discharge clippings to the side or mulch cuttings which promotes healthy regrowth and eliminates the need to rake after you’re finished mowing. The cutting height is adjustable from 25-105 mm through 8 preset cutting heights, this is changed via a light lever positioned near the operator’s seat.

Comfort is at the forefront of this machine, ensuring great ergonomics and ease of access for the operator. To get onto the machine the left arm can be raised for ease of mounting and dismounting. The included seat is adjustable with lower back support. The leg free controls aid with comfort. The dashboard is located on the left arm of the mower which can be reached without stretching and the LED lights allow for maximum visibility and safety when mowing at night.

Weight217 kg