STIGA Combi Cart Plastic


Plastic Combi Cart with 180 litre capacity for use with garden tractors, including front-cut models
180 litre
Standard connection


This is a practical 180 litre multipurpose cart which can also be used as a wheelbarrow. The tow hook can be folded, so as to take up less space when stored or in wheelbarrow mode. The plastic construction makes it lightweight. It also has a standard connector for attaching it to the tractor. It can be mounted on all front cut ride-on mowers and on all garden tractors.

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Weight29 kg


Loading capacity75 kg
Pack weight28.6 kg
Product weight24 kg
Product length1229 mm
Product width843 mm
Product height747 mm
Loading dimension1060 x 780 x 265
Wheels size280 mm