Masport 21″ OLYMPIC 10-BLADED GOLF Cylinder Mower



  • 50 OHV IC, 163cc
  • 50cm/20” Cutting Width
  • Steel Deck
  • 4-30mm Cutting Height
  • Infinite Height Adjust
  • 10 Bladed Cylinder
  • 70 Litres Catcher
  • Self-Propelled
  • Split steel rear roller and single steel front roller
  • 78kg

£1,569.00 £1,699.00

For the discerning gardener, there is nothing quite like a finely cut, manicured lawn – and that’s where the Masport Olympic Cylinder mower comes in.

Unlike a rotary blade – which relies on the speed that the blade rotates at, to chop the grass on impact – the cylinder mower uses a revolving cutting cylinder that spins against a fixed ‘bottom’ blade (which runs the width of the machine).

Weight78 kg