Lumag STM200-1200 Electric Tile Saw


The Lumag FS200-1200 Masonry Saw Bench is the perfect tool for the accurate and safe cutting of ceramic tiles and large natural stone tiles. Made to incorporate a dust suppression water tray and adjustable cutting head that enables you to tilt the blade 45 degrees in either direction. As with all out masonry cutting saws, you will need to purchase cutting disks separately


Weight50 kg


Operating voltage230v
Motor power1.1kw
Running speed3000rpm
Operating current16A
Table size117cm x 38.5 cm
Blade sizes200 x 25.4 mm
Cutting depth30 mm
Max cutting length1200 mm
Tilt angle0-45°
Water capacity60L
Sound Pressure93db (a)
Sound Level106db (a)
Dimensions163 x 50 x 1200 cm