Lumag RPi38DE 38KN 19″ Diesel Reversible Compactor Plate


The Lumag RPi38DE is a diesel reversible compactor plate. This machine is powerful and manoeuvrable, great for large paved areas, trench and groundwork. The machine is easily controlled from the rubber-mounted handle with both throttle and directional controls close at hand. The engine cover frame has an integral lifting eye. As with all our compactor plates, you will need to purchase the transport wheels/axle and paving mat separately



  • The RPi-38DE vibration plate with forward and reverse is the ideal tool for consolidating the substrate and for vibrating in small to medium-sized areas. Especially applicable in gardening and landscaping, in the production of sidewalks and terraces, in laying paving, in building foundations, in trench and sewer construction, as well as for compacting composite paving.
  • It is much more manoeuvrable and agile than a vibrating plate that only runs forwards.
  • Stepless regulation of the movement in both directions.
  • Robust, long-lasting cast base plate for particularly precise work.
  • Diesel engine with pre-glow function and electric start.
  • Equipped with a V-belt protected on all sides,
  • Protective frame and widening.
Weight195 kg