Lumag RAMBO HC10 100mm Petrol Wood Chipper


The Lumag HC10 RAMBO Garden Chipper

Lumag designed the HC10 RAMBO Chipper to break down branches and sticks up to a 100mm diameter. The Chipper is powered by a 6.5HP single cylinder petrol engine. The engine transmits its power to the chipper drum via a centrifugal clutch and a pair of thick rubber drive belts.

The chipper drum is mounted on 2 sealed bearings and features 2 opposing double-sided (reversible) hardened chipper blades, these blades rotate anti-clockwise toward the adjustable counter knife at between 3000 and 4000 RPM. The blade clearance between the chipper blades and chippers counter knife is optimal between 0.5 and 1mm. The chipper can process branches with a maximum diameter of 100mm. We have found that its optimal working range is around 60-80mm depending on the moisture level hardness and all manner of other factors affecting the wood you are chipping.

The HC10 Rambo has been designed as a chipper, not a shredder and it is not designed to handle green waste on its own.

The Lumag HC10 Chipper is mounted on a 570mm wide chassis. The chipper is fitted with large pneumatic tires making it easy to handle and manoeuvre to your desired chipping area. The HC10 Chipper has been designed with two useful handles on the intake hopper, these are at a nice working height and allow the chipper to be tilted back to a point of balance and moved around easily by hand. The intake hopper of the chipper is also fitted with a hinge making access to the chipper drum and blades very easy. The chipper outlet chute is fitted with a 360-degree swivel head allowing the material from the chipper to be directed to where you need.

The Lumag HC10 Chipper is fitted with an emergency cut out switch operated by a safety bar around the chipper’s intake hopper, the chipper’s other safety features include a belt guard covering the chippers drive belts.

The Lumag HC10 Chipper is covered by a 1-year business use warranty and 2-year domestic use.


Weight100 kg


engine4 stroke OHV petrol engine
Displacement196 cc
rated capacity4.1 kW at 3,600 rpm
fuelUnleaded petrol
Tank volume3.6 liters
Engine oil0.6 l SAE 10W30 or 40
Engine starting systemManual start
Branch thickness Ø, max100 mm
Speed ​​of the knives2,400 rpm
Weight (net / gross)85/100 kg
Guaranteed sound power level LWA111 dB (A)
Packaging (L / W / H)880/565/840 mm
Dimensions (L / W / H)1670/570/1060 mm