JOHN DEERE 260SL PrecisionCut


260SL PrecisionCut

If you walk mow tees or approaches, the 26-in. (66 cm) 260SL is the perfect choice. You can choose between a standard 7-blade or optional 11-blade reel. Rear roller is dimpled for better traction

  • Adjustable, loop-style handlebar for maximum comfort and control
  • Rubber isolators for reduced vibration
  • Dual traction rolls for straight tracking and excellent maneuverability
  • Wide range of roller options, including grooved, smooth, and spiral rollers


  • Speed Link™ height-of-cut system adjusts both sides of the roller at the same time
  • Consistent effective height of cut—A prism tells the story
  • Roller attaching system for quick removal and installation of the front roller for changing conditions
  • Narrow front-roller-to-rear-drum distance for contour following and cleanup-pass cut quality
  • Grass-catcher system—Fixed to plane of reel for maximum performance in severe undulations