SP21G is a semi-chisel .325″ mini 1.1 mm chain especially developed to increase the cutting speed and efficiency for full-time use battery chainsaws. The chain is energy efficient and the optimized geometry delivers a consistently smooth cut, excellent bore cut as well as improved handling and manoeuvrability


X-CUT Series Chains:

  • More Run Time & Less Maintenance: Extremely refined manufacturing process giving the x-cut chain outstanding sharpness out of the box, and even more importantly sharpness that lasts!
  • Golden Tie Strap: Thanks tot he intuitive golden tie strap function, you can easily locate the starting point simplifying the filing of the chain
  • Better Results – Easier Work: X-cut is made for making faster cuts and it’s ready to be used straight out of the box, this improves your efficiency and results. The smooth cutting reduces the feed force needed making the work easier on your body.
  • Less Adjustments & Less Risk of Damage: The X-cut chain is pre-stretched at the factory so you can work longer before re-tensioning is required. No unnecessary chain tension required. The risk of damaging the cutting system with slack is also decreased.
  • Less Cost & Less Service: A carefully balanced combination of construction materials and processes mean excellent dynamic durability. Wear on the cutting system is reduced – and so is the need for a service.
Weight2 kg