STIHL HLA 135 Battery Powered Long Reach Hedge Trimmer


The STIHL HLA 135 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer is the most powerful cordless long-reach hedge trimmer in the STIHL range for professional use in noise-sensitive areas. For cutting shrubs and bushes as well as plants near the ground, and the whole spectrum from trimming to pruning. The cutter bar can be adjusted through 145° without the use of tools for head-height, side, and ground-level cutting. Double-sided cutting blade for a clean cutting pattern. Intuitive control handle with an LED display.

£519.00 £546.00


Eyelet for shoulder strap
The HLA has a special eyelet for use with a shoulder strap.

Round handle
The round handle is made of a durable, black polymer – allowing the tool to be used at a range of angles, making it ideal for work in cramped conditions.

Double-sided cutting blade
The double-sided cutting blades ensure a better cutting performance and longer battery life.

Magnesium gearbox, adjustable at 145° angle
The cutter bar has a magnesium gearbox and the angle can be easily adjusted in increments depending on the job. The Cutter bar can be folded in and locked for space-saving storage and transport.

Ergonomic control handle with speed adjustment
The speed can be controlled in three stages using the ergonomic control handle, which has a built-in LED display. This ensures energy-efficient work and longer running times.

Air filter with metal mesh
The easy-to-clean air filter ensures a long service life and optimum engine cooling.

Battery slot in the power tool
AP batteries can be inserted directly into the battery slot. This will make your work even more mobile and flexible.

Weight6 kg



Tool Only, Tool + 1AP 200 & 1 AL 500

Weight kg5.6
Battery life time AP 100 minup to 20
Blade length cm60
Battery life time AP 300 minup to 59
Vibration value, right m/s²3.3
Battery life time AP 300 S minup to 73
Tooth spacing mm34
Stroke rate rpm4.000
Vibration value, left m/s²2.5
Total length cm249
Battery life time AP 200 minup to 39
Sound power level dB(A)96
Cordless technologyAP System
Recommended batteryAP 300 S