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EGO STX3800 Trimmer / Brush Cutter (BODY ONLY)


EGO STX3800 Features

  • Battery-powered; do away with the noise, fumes and gas.
  • 2KW motor to meet all of your needs.
  • EGO’s Professional-X line ensures it is suitable for every time of garden work no matter how tough.
  • Up to 400 minute run-time (with recommended battery).
  • Ergonomic focused design to ensure long-term operator health.
  • Lightweight weighing in at only 6 kg.
  • 38 cm cutting width with line trimmer head.
  • 30 cm cutting width with three-sided blade.

£329.00 £349.00

EGO’s Professional-X line; a high-performance trimmer suitable for every job.

The STX3800 is a battery-powered line trimmer/brush cutter that doesn’t compromise performance by switching to cleaner power delivery. Switching to lithium-ion can make maintaining your garden easier in many ways, as well as doing away with petrol; fumes & noise.

Powered by a 2KW motor that performs equivalent to its petrol counterpart. The EGO STX3800 has plenty of power for all of your garden needs no matter how rough.

The STX3800 is held together by an incredibly sturdy, yet lightweight carbon fibre shaft. This ensures the shaft won’t bend over time, keeping vibration levels to a minimum ensuring long term operator’s health.

It is recommended that you pair the STX3800 with a suitable backpack battery such as the EGO BAX1500 (sold separately). When paired with the BAX1500 the STX3800 has a run time of up to 400 minutes. It is also recommended you use EGO’s Double Shoulder Harness (sold separately).

Weight6 kg


Cutting width line trimmer head38cm
cutting width three-sided blade30cm
Total length186cm
Trimmer head run time with BAX1500 batteryUp to 300 mins
Brush cutter run time with BAX1500 batteryUp to 400 mins
Blade materialThree-sided steel blade
Speed controlConstant variable speed
No load speeds5800rpm
Line diameter supplied2.4-3.0mm
Line feedManual wind bump feed head
Dual lineYes
Rotating directionAnti-clockwise
Auxiliary handleQuick adjustable loop handle
Motor TypeBrushless
Trimmer head noise rating LpA / LwA81 – 94dB(A)
Brush cutter head noise rating LpA / LwA83 – 96dB(A)
Trimmer head vibration m/s²2.3/1.5
Brush cutter head vibration m/s²1.9/4.3