EGO SSA1200 Snow Shovel Attachment


The arrival of snow can be a surprise, so it’s tough to always be prepared for the next flurry. Our snow shovel multi-tool attachment is the helping hand you need to clear any build-up of the white stuff in important areas of your land. Minimise risk by keeping your paths, driveways and decking clear of slip hazards, and complete your task with ease without having to juggle cords or petrol.

£169.00 £189.00

Snow should no longer be a worry with the new EGO SSA1200 snow shovel attachment. Be prepared for any flurry of activity, just click into your multi-tool power head and you can begin clearing snow quickly and easily from driveways, patios, paths and decking. The 300mm cutting swath enables you to chomp up large amounts of snow at once, meaning you can get the job done faster, and get back in the warm. The max throwing distance is 7.5m, and it will be easy to assess from your first few strokes which is the best way to tackle your task most effectively. After using this tool, you’ll never want to go back to shovelling again. It has a tilling speed of 2000-1650 rpm which aids in propelling the snow away from your area of work. Depending on which battery you’re using within the PH1400E power head, you will also have enough power to help your neighbours, too!

Weight6 kg