EGO PAD1500EM Nexus Escape Power Inverter (Counter Top Display)


Enjoy power on the move with the new EGO Power+ Nexus Escape Power Invertor. A 240V AC power outlet allows you to plug in vital equipment if you’re working remotely, and two USB ports to plug in mobile phones, smart watches/GPS devices or digital cameras to name but a few. You can couple the Nexus Escape with any EGO Power+ arc lithium battery to provide you with the power you require.

Also available as a kit: PAD1501E Nexus Escape Power Invertor (Kit)

£79.00 £89.00

The new EGO Power+ Nexus Escape allows you to unlock the power of our unique patented arc lithium battery technology wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Built tough, the Nexus Escape Power Invertor includes a 240V AC power outlet, plus two USB ports which allows you the power to charge mobile phones, laptops, cameras, lights and other electrical devices up to a maximum output of 150Watts.

Lightweight and small, you can carry the Nexus Escape in your backpack to provide a vital boost of power when necessary if you’re hiking, camping, visiting the beach, enjoying a festival or even just at home.

With the power to run a 42” television for up to ten hours, charge 27 mobile phones or 5 laptops*, the EGO Power+ Nexus Escape can deliver all the power you need, when you need it.

*Based on a 7.5Ah battery BA4200T

Weight4 kg


Input Voltage56V
Range of Rated Values37.8-58.8V
USB Output5V, Max.4.2A (two USB ports combined)
AC Output220V-240V ~ 50Hz Max.150W
Optimum Charging Temperature0°C-40°C
Storage Temperature-20°C-70°C
Weight0.53 kg