EGO CHU6000 Mobile Multi-Port (6) Charging Case


The multi-port charging case has intelligent power management to charge batteries with the lowest level of charge first, then bring all the batteries up to full charge at the same rate. Charging 6 x 10Ah batteries in as little as 3 hours in combination with the multi-port charger.

£499.00 £519.00

Charge up to six EGO 56V ARC lithium batteries at one time with our multi-port charging case. It can be used directly with the EGO CHV1600E Professional Multi-port Charger or with the EGO 550W Rapid Charger when combined with the ACA1000 EGO Charging Adaptor. Inside the charging case, there’s room for the six batteries, plus an extra section for storage. The hinged lid helps with weather protection, so you can have peace of mind if you get stuck in a downpour and with the convenience of being on wheels, the entire case is easily transportable. When used with the CHV1600E, the charge time for 6 x 10Ah batteries is an estimated 3 hours, and when it’s used with the 550W rapid charger and charging adaptor with the case it is around 8 hours.

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Weight3 kg


Input Voltage & FrequencyN/A
Output Voltage56
Number of Battery Ports6
Charging Sequence (If Multi-Port)Parallel
Charging Time 10Ah Battery180
Charging Time 12Ah Battery210
BLE ConnectionNo
Wifi ConnectionNo
Max Charger Length889 mm
Max Charger Width452 mm
Max Charger Height349 mm
Max Charger Length35″
Max Charger Width17.8″
Max CHarger Height13.7″