EGO BCA1200 Brush Cutter Attachment


EGO BCA1200 Features

  • Extends the functionality of the EGO PH1400E multi-tool.
  • Battery-powered, do away with the fumes, noise and petrol.
  • Long reach helps to get to the hard to reach brush.
  • Lightweight construction helps long term use and operator health.
  • Equipped with a three-sided metal blade.


£89.00 £94.99

A fantastic Brush Cutter attachment for the EGO PH1400E

The EGO BCA1200 brush cutter attachment extends the functionality of the EGO PH1400E multi-tool turning into a powerful brush cutter. With this attachment installed trimming hard to reach brushes will be no trouble at all. The BCA1200 has long reach removing the need for a ladder making it easier to get to the hard to reach places with less strain on the operator’s body, this ensures long term operator health.

The BCA1200 comes equipped with a three-sided metal blade that makes easy work of thick brush and can also be used for mowing. The blades can be removed and replaced with an optional nylon head for extra functionality.

Weighing only 1.8 kg with a total reach of 102 cm using the BCA1200 for long periods is easy, this is helped by the accompanied run time of up to 95 minutes with the recommended 7.5Ah battery.

Weight2 kg


Total length102cm
Barrier barYes (with power head)
Run time2.5Ah up to 23 mins

5.0Ah up to 60 mins

7.5Ah up to 95 mins

Blade length
Cutting depth
Blade thickness
Debris guard material
Cutting width30cm
Line diameter supplied
Cutting head
Shaft type
Arbour size25.4mm
Cutting capacity
Blade material and typeThree-sided steel blade
Fixed cutting angles
Guide bar length
Chain pitch/gauge
Max cutting diameter
Oil tank capacity