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Cobra MX46SPE Electric Lawn Mower


The Cobra MX46SPE 18″ electric 4-in-1 lawnmower is powered by a 1800w motor. The MX46SPE is self propelled and can either mulch, side / rear discharge or collect grass

£286.99 £313.99

MX46SPE with powerful 1800w motor
Feel the power of Cobra lawnmowers
The Cobra MX46SPE is powered by a high torque, high performance cutting system which maintains a quality cut. Even long or damp grass can be cut without the risk of stalling the lawnmower.

The powerful 1800W motor means you can tackle any task with confidence, whilst producing a beautiful finish to your lawn.

Start mulching with the Cobra MX46SPE
The greener way to cut your lawn
The MX46SPE lawnmower from Cobra comes equipped with a mulch plug to enable you to mulch your grass clippings back into the lawn.

Mulching lawnmowers recycle the grass by finely cutting and re-cutting the clippings. As the clippings decompose, nutrients and fertilisers are returned to the soil meaning you can cut the grass and fertilise at the same time

Cobra lawnmowers have even more options
Side discharge your grass with Cobra
If you don’t want to collect your grass cuttings or your lawn has become overgrown, the MX46SPE comes equipped with a side discharge function.

Simply lift the side blanking plate and insert the side discharge chute.
The grass will now be discharged in neat lines to the side of where you are mowing.

MX46SPE lawnmower with Self-drive system
Self propelled for tackling larger jobs
The Cobra MX46SPE electric lawnmower comes equipped with a self propelled drive system for added comfort and ease of operator use.

The self propelled system takes all the effort out of pushing your lawnmower, meaning you can maintain your lawn with ease

Weight31 kg


Motor Rated Power1800W
Drive TypeSelf Propelled
Cutting Width46cm / 18″
Cutting Height25 – 75mm 7 Stage Adjustment
Collection System4-in-1
Grass Bag Capacity50ltr
Mulching / Cable Length15m
Domestic Warranty2 Years