Cobra MT270K 5-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool System


The Cobra MT270K 5-in-1 Multi-Tool is powered by a 26.3cc Kawasaki engine. It includes 4 quality attachments – grass trimmer, brushcutter, pole pruner & long reach hedgecutter together with an extension shaft

£549.99 £598.99

Kawasaki TJ27E engine Expertly powering Cobra Multi-Tools
Kawasaki engines provide all the power your Cobra Multi-Tool needs.
The 2-stroke engine produces consistently strong power delivery together with state of the art engine technology, whilst achieving reduced fuel consumption and industry leading low emission levels.

MT270K with grass trimmer attachment
Double line for long grass & undergrowth
The Cobra MT270K petrol Multi-Tool comes complete with a nylon line tap ‘n’ go grass trimmer attachment for mowing and thinning. Also included is a robust guard for increased operator safety. Shaft length is 75cm.
The quality nylon line is automatically readjusted by simply tapping the cutting head on the ground. The newly released line is then cut to the optimum operational length as you continue using your brushcutter.

Tri-Blade for tackling thicker undergrowth
Clear areas of brambles, shrubs and saplings with ease
Experience faster, cleaner and more effective cutting with the Cobra MT270K 5-in-1 Multi-Tool Tri-blade. The heavy duty metal blade
makes clearing larger areas of brambles, shrubs and saplings even easier.
The result is a cleaner cutting system, stopping clogging enabling more efficient use of energy and easier handling.

The Cobra MT270K with pole pruner attachment
For the pruning of hard to reach branches
The Cobra MT270K petrol Multi-Tool comes complete with a 72cm shaft and is fitted with a 30cm / 12″ high quality chainsaw bar and chain.
There are many reasons for pruning trees. Pruning will make
trees safer, encourages further growth, increasing vigor
and health and will make your garden even tidier.

The Cobra MT270K with articulating hedgecutter
Even easier to cut at various cutting angles
The innovative design of the articulating head means that you can easily and smoothly adjust the angle of the cutting blades through 180° at varying increments.

Double sided cutting blade
Precise cutting every time with Cobra
The Cobra MT270K petrol Multi-Tool comes complete with a 72cm shaft and is fitted with a 62cm / 24″ double sided cutting blade with 30mm tooth spacing.
Double sided blades are more suitable for shaping, as you
can alter the direction of the cut without moving around
as much and with extra versatility

Weight16 kg


Engine26.3cc Kawasaki TJ27E – 2-Stroke / Max. Power: 0.77kW
AttachmentsGrass Trimmer with Nylon Head
Brushcutting Tri-Blade
Long Reach Pole Pruner
Long Reach Hedgecutter with Articulating Head
Extension Shaft
HarnessSingle Shoulder
Domestic Warranty2 Years