Cobra HT62C Hedge Trimmer


The Cobra HT62C petrol Hedgetrimmer featuring a 62cm / 24″ blade is designed for use on all types of hedges. Powered by Cobra’s own 22cc 2-stroke engine and incorporating a Twist Grip Handle to help tackle the most awkward jobs

£184.99 £194.99

Precise Cutting Every Time
62cm Double Sided Blade
Comes with a 62cm double sided reciprocating cutting blade, with a large 28mm tooth spacing and blade tip protector. Double sided blades are more suitable for shaping, as you can alter the direction of the cut easily.

Powerful Cobra Engine
22cc Cobra 2-Stroke Engine
This 22cc engine provides all the power your Cobra Hedgetrimmer needs. The 2-stroke engine produces consistently strong power delivery together with state of the art engine technology.

Comfort & Control
HT62C with Twist Grip handle
The Cobra HT62C has been designed to make cutting your hedges and bushes a simple and effortless task.The ergonomically positioned controls not only make operator use more comfortable but combined with the twist grip handle, easier to cut at a variety of angles with comfort and control

Weight5 kg


Engine / DisplacementCobra  2-Stroke Engine / 22cc Displacement
Blade62cm Double Sided
Tooth Spacing28mm
AlloyMagnesium Casting
HandleTwist Grip
Domestic Warranty2 Years