Cobra GT600E Electric Grass Trimmer


The Cobra GT600E is a high performance electric Trimmer. It has a powerful 600W efficient motor, a 30cm cutting width and has a rotating head for easily trimming lawn edges

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Cobra GT600E90° lawn edging with the GT600E
Electric grass trimmers are good for use on small lawns, overgrown lawns and areas of long grass next to walls and trees. The Cobra GT600E electric grass trimmer has a 90° tilting cutter head which makes for effortless, speedy edging.

The Cobra GT600E with telescopic shaft
Telescopic shaft for comfortable trimming
The Cobra GT600E electric grass trimmer comes complete with a telescopic shaft for increased operator feel and manoeuvrability.
The telescopic shaft means that Cobra’s GT600E electric grass trimmer can be set up to suit any operator.

Plant protection bar
Added protection for your plants
The Cobra GT600E electric grass trimmer comes equipped with a plant protection bar.
This protection bar makes it possible to trim around delicate plants and shrubs without fear of damaging them.

Cobra Grass Trimmers with adjustable handle
Increased operator feel and added comfort
The Cobra GT600E electric grass trimmer has been designed to make trimming your garden a simple and effortless task.
The auxiliary adjustable handle not only makes operator use more comfortable, but gives greater manoeuvrability.

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Weight4 kg


Rated Power600W
Cutting Width30cm
Lawn Edging90°
Height AdjusterTelescopic
Line1.5mm Twisted
Plant Protection GuardYes
Cable Length10m
Domestic Warranty2 Years