ATCO LINER 22SH V Self Propelled Roller Mower


ATCO LINER 22SH V Features

  • Self-propelled makes driving this mower easy.
  • Roller mower for that beautiful striped ATCO finish.
  • Adjustable handlebars for any height.
  • Vibration Control System for maximum ergonomics.
  • Cutting height of 13 mm to 65 mm through 8 positions.
  • A cutting width of 53 cm.
  • Snap-on hose connector for easy end of the day cleaning.
  • Large 80-litre collector.
  • Powered by the always reliable Honda GCVx200 Autochoke petrol engine.
  • Performance and reliability guaranteed when buying ATCO garden machinery.

£1,049.00 £1,361.00

ATCO Liner 22SH V: A robust, fully featured rear roller mower with collecting and an excellent vibration control system.

The ATCO Liner 22SH V is an innovative premium roller mower that has truly revolutionized grass-cutting roller-mowers. Powered by the Honda GCVx200 Autochoke petrol engine, this mower has plenty of power for all of your garden needs.

The Liner 22SH V is self-propelled leading to minimal effort while providing maximum performance. The mower glides around the lawn with no effort, ensuring that your arms, wrists and shoulders have little to do. Adjustable handlebars accompany the self-propelled drive system allowing for even more comfort no matter your height. This also has the added benefit of a smaller storage footprint allowing you to get more in your shed.

Featuring ATCO’s stunning Vibration Control System, which adds to the already fantastic ergonomics of this mower. The VCS reduces the amount of vibration that make it to the operators hands and arms.

The cutting deck is made of robust galvanized steel. Featuring a Twinclip blade that has 4 cutting edges. The leading edge reduces the initial length of the grass while the following blade reducing it to the desired height. This ensures that your lawn only requires one pass to get it to the beautiful standards while also leaving behind a striped finish.

With a cutting height range of 13 mm to 65 mm through 8 different position. This allows you to get the height of grass that you desire. Leaving you with a healthy law.

The extra-fine cuttings are then blown into the large 80-litre collector resulting in a clean looking lawn in no time.

Cleaning is easy as always with ATCO with the hose connector fitted to the chassis. For a quick way to end the day.

Weight48 kg


Product NameLINER 22SH V Self Propelled
Product Name DescriptionRear Roller Lawnmower
Power SourcePetrol
Capacity201 cc
Engine BrandHonda
Net power output3.82 kW @ 2900 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity0.95 L
Cutting width53 cm
Cutting MethodCollecting
Cutting height adjustmentCentralised
Cutting height positions8 positions
Cutting height range13 – 65 mm
TractionRear-wheel drive
Collector capacity80 L
Collector typeTextile
Pack dimensions (LxWxH)1185 x 595 x 565
Pack weight53 kg
Product weight47 kg
Product length1680 mm
Product width560 mm
Product height1100 mm